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What other students are saying:

I love your notes. I find them to be thorough, easy to understand and very attractive.
Sherri B.
I think your study notes are really nice.
Ekta J.
I am really enjoying watching the recorded classes and getting out of them what I was hoping I would.
Liz P. (passed all 4 parts with Pederson CPA Review)
I wanted to let you know your audio program is very time efficient.
Tom G.
One of my best study resources.
Charlene M.
I just wanted to let you know that I am OFFICIALLY done with the CPA Exam! I just received my final REG score a little while ago and even though, it’s just a 78 – it feels VERY good to be done once in for all. I’m totally speechless, Rob. I literally just felt numb after staring at the screen. This is probably the GREATEST feeling ever. I had to refresh the screen a few times to make sure the score won’t go away, haha! It was definitely a tough tough journey to say the least. I had a lot of ups and downs. After receiving a 74 once in FAR, I really wanted to throw in the towel and be done with this. But, I told myself that I would never quit on this ultimate goal.

Thank YOU so much Rob. I honestly could NOT have done it without you man. You were literally my mentor and coach throughout this entire 2 and a half year journey, and I am very glad I was a part of your review course. This feeling is just phenomenal!

Vishal G. (passed all 4 parts with Pederson CPA Review)
I like that you worked questions during lecture; you lectured then followed up with examples and worked through them.  I learned how to read a question! You were absolutely right about reading the last line before you read the whole question. It makes a BIG difference.
Emily S.
I have 2 other review courses and I can say that your videos are the best. I watched the not-for-profit videos from those other courses and was scoring in the 50’s. After watching your video, I scored an 85.
Shikha K.
I wonder why instructors don’t make it this clear in a class? Outstanding — many thanks!

Detailed description:

The full FAR class gives you everything you need to pass FAR.

Included in your course are over [FAR Videos farvids=””] hours of acclaimed high-definition streaming video lectures to help you clearly and concisely understand all the topics and concepts you need to pass.  The videos go through exam-relevant examples and explain concepts in plain English.  Most lectures are broken down into sections that are 20 to 40 minutes long, so you can quickly knock out a video even if you do not have a large block of study time.

The PDF Smart Study Notes are the ideal way to study the most important topics.  Download the PDF file to your tablet or phone to study on the go.  Print them to add your own notes in the spacious margins.  Use them to get your initial understanding of each topic and to periodically review throughout your study period.

The FAR Smart Audio Notes enable you to sneak in extra study time that others miss out on.  Download the MP3 file to your MP3 player or phone to study on the go.  Listen while you are commuting, getting things done around the house, or working out.  Use them to get your initial exposure of each topic and listen periodically throughout your study period to get that added repetition.

The FAR Smart Study Software is a tool you can use every day to solidify your Financial Accounting & Reporting knowledge.  Put what you learn from the Study Notes and Audio Notes to use by practicing MCQs and simulations, including those licensed directly from the AICPA.  Make sure you are ready for exam day by taking unlimited practice exams.

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