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How many times have you thought that having some real-life examples would be really, really helpful to understand concepts for the CPA Exam?  If you are anything like the majority of people who pass the exam, then you look for connections between abstract concepts in your review course and how things are actually done in the real world to crystalize the concepts in your mind.

But how many CPA review courses have instructors who have real-world experience?  How many are just stiff college teachers or have gone stale teaching CPA review for the last few decades?

Examples From The Real World

Members of my course are constantly asking for examples of why certain audit tests are performed, what types of derivatives companies actually use (and why), why anyone would ever want to enter into a sale-leaseback transaction, how business combinations are really accounted for, and the list goes on and on….

The benefit to members of my course is that I have done all these things in the real-world.  I have:

  • Been an auditor in public accounting for several years (Big 5 at the time) working on both public and private clients
  • Been an accountant for a small, local public accounting firm doing projections, compilations, reviews, audits and tax returns
  • Worked in corporate accounting for companies with annual revenue from $400 million to more than $100 billion
  • Developed a new audit approach and system of audit quality control for a CPA firm
  • Prepared more than 100 individual / corporate tax returns
  • Had corporate accounting jobs that focused on:
    • Consolidations
    • Financial reporting
    • Revenue recognition
    • Leases
    • Derivatives
    • Business combinations
    • SEC reporting
    • Stock-based compensation
    • Inventory
    • Fixed assets
  • Developed internal controls for several public companies
  • Led and worked with auditors on SOX
  • Implemented brand-spankin’ new ERPs

What Makes You Qualified?

Does having all of that experience by itself make me qualified to teach people how to pass the CPA Exam?  No, not really.

What does make me qualified is that at each company I have worked at over the last 19 years, I have been asked to deliver training on these topics to clients and to the other CPAs and finance people I worked with.  So, that is 19 years of teaching people the very same complicated accounting and business topics that are needed for the CPA Exam and showing them how to apply these concepts dynamically to their professional careers.

I also put myself through college by tutoring other students.  I played baseball in college and got pretty good grades, so the counselor in the athletic department asked me if I would be interested in making some extra money helping other athletes with their classes.  It was a beautiful setup…since I was working through the athletic department, I could easily work around my baseball schedule, made some extra money and gained truckloads of valuable 1-on-1 teaching experience.  

Compared with helping a basketball player teetering on the edge of academic probation understand Business Statistics, helping people  like you who are smart and motivated enough to graduate with an accounting degree is a breeze.

Decoding 4,000+ Multiple Choice Questions

To make sure I am able to give you the absolute best possible help specific to the CPA Exam, I have spent thousands of hours over the last half decade solving more than 4,000 multiple choice questions and simulations.  Then, I systematically deconstructed each question, the right answer and all the wrong answers to precisely identify the critical concepts that you need to pass.

It’s not enough just to be able to teach the concepts.  When helping someone pass the CPA Exam, a review course also needs to be able to help candidates see the key items that get tested and how the questions are asked.

Being able to show candidates how the concepts are tested, how to spot the key words and details that make certain questions tricky, and give examples based on real-world experience is a unique combination that many CPA Exam candidates get huge benefits from.

To see this in action, check out my free CPA Exam videos page.


All of my study materials are fully back by my Treat-You-Like-A-CPA Guarantee.

If you are not 110% satisfied with the course materials, simply email me for a refund. You are going into a profession entirely based on integrity, so I don’t make you “prove” you have used the materials. I’m just treating you like the CPA you are on your way to becoming.

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