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“I have 2 other review courses and I can say that your videos are the best.  I watched the not-for-profit videos from those other courses and was scoring in the 50’s.  After watching your video, I scored an 85.” ~ Shikha K.

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ekta-pic“I got an 84 in AUD, 79 in BEC, 76 in REG and 81 in FAR…  It was like a dream review course for me.” ~ Ekta J. (passed all 4 parts with Smart CPA Review)

vishal-pic” I just wanted to be the first to let you know that I finally passed FAR with an 80! I would have never thought that day would come. I cannot thank you enough and I owe it all to you Rob. You have been a tremendous help and your examples you provided were so vital and instrumental to my passing. The way you explain things is just so clear, it’s amazing.” ~ Vishal G. (passed all 4 parts with Smart CPA Review)

jane-pic“BEC 86. Thank you!  I credit your mcq’s and notes for much of that success.  When I started studying for the BEC section, I decided to try a different review course – yours. As reported, my score was 86 on the BEC exam.  I found your notes and MCQ’s to be a great review in the final days to focus on the most important concepts.” ~ Jane A. (passed BEC with Smart CPA Review)

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What Other Students Are Saying

What I liked most about the class was that:
1) It was well-organized
2) Lectures were short and your ability to break difficult concepts down to my understanding was incredible
3) Your choice of questions selected to illustrate the concepts was excellent
Kwame A.
There is so much fat in FAR, it is easy to get bogged down. Your study notes helped cut out some of the fat so I could remember what the point was. The IFRS comparison was great. Most other courses simply say, ‘IFRS does xx different’ but don’t remind you what the U.S. GAAP treatment is. Your table helped tremendously.
Stephanie A.
I like how you worked questions during the lecture; you lectured then followed up with examples and worked through them. I learned how to read a question! You were absolutely right about reading the last line before you read the whole question. It makes a BIG difference.
Emily S.
I scored an 83 on FAR. I think a lot of this is because of your guidance and help.
Prashant B.
One of my best study resources.
Charlene M.
I think your course is one of the best kept CPA review courses. I was non-traditional student and did not get my undergrad degree until I was 35 and did not get my graduate degree until I was 45. I am now going through the CPA and have tried to study with Wiley/Yeager and found that they were too voluminous in non-value-added topics. Becker was just the Tim Garrety & Peter Olinto Show and way overpriced! I like your slides because there is a ton of room to make notes and I don’t find that I have to rewrite so many of my own study notes. Your study notes are a great way to refine what is taught in the lectures.

I truly can say that I am looking forward to studying with your review.

Angela C.

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